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    Hi girlies havent been on in a while just wondering if any of you can help my little sis is looking for a part time job. She really wants to get out there but just doesnt know where to start. She really wants her own few bob as you all know the summer hols are only to long. She is a lovely young woman with good manners and a nice personality she also takes great pride in her appearance. (ideally i know she would like to get in to a hair dressers to help her decide if it is for her).. Last year she worked along side me doing light office duties and she was fairly handy with a computer. But unfortunatly im off at the moment so this leaves her at a disadvantage. She is open to all offers so if you or someone you know can help please pm me for her.

    Thanks a million.

    PS. I put a baby sitting notice on minder finder for her also.


    Hi Lilly,

    I would love to meet your sis and as you know have little man who needs babysitting the odd weekend night. If you could pm me a time when suits for you to bring her up to meet him.



    There was an add up in Duleek hairdressers looking for apprentice’s.
    Its called your gorgeous and the mans name is Andrew. Unless she lives in the village i suppose that would be pointless for her.

    If she really wants to get into hairdressing then pick out the different salons she likes in Drogheda or surrounding areas and give them a ring before all the kids are off school for the summer. 😀


    why not have her go round some of the hairdressers in town and see if they need anyone!!! there are plenty out there and im sure one would be willing to take her on.

    when i was 15 i worked in a supermarket, made great friends and my own money!!!!
    also babysitting came in handy!!!! my bro is 15 now and is constantly asking me if i need him to babysit! 🙂 he also collects glasses in our local gaa club at the weekends!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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