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    Hi all

    My 15 month old ds(13 months corrected) poops an awful lot. It is never runny so that’s a relief but I’m just wondering if I’m feeding him too much fruit? He eats 2 Wheaties for brekkie with cows milk. Throughout the day he would normally eat a banana,a cheese sandwich,a kiwi,mandarin and maybe a few grapes. He also eats dinner with us(doesn’t eat much at dinner not surprisingly) and drinks a full 8oz bottle of formula at bedtime. He only ever drinks water and milk,no fruitjuice.
    Do other babies poop this much? It’s usually 4-5 poops.

    Thanks for any feedback


    Hi! My son (15 and 1/2 months) has 3 to 5 poops a day. It varies too – sometimes it’s only one or two. But I’ve had many a day when he’ll have 4 or 5. 🙂 I think it’s normal, and will get less as he gets older.

    Some children only poo once every day or every two days – that’s normal too. You could try not feeding him as much fruit one day and see what happens. I think it’s good though that he eats so much fruit!


    Just a question was he every breast fed or would the formula he is having C&G? My 2 boys were breastfed and then C&G formula… ds1 did a poo on every nappy change 😯 (about 6 or more a day) ds2 was fed the same but he only did a poo once a week…. all kids are different.
    i would only say if this is his routine well then its normal, I would worry if there is a huge increase or decrease in his daily routine… Good luck


    i’d second what taylor says every child is different but it would the change in a routine i’d be watching for
    both mine have been 1 day girls from the start but the baby is only 7 months and with the solids is now 2, when it changed to 2 i took note but now that seems to be her norm. My sister used to say she could tell the time of day by her son – his was ALWAYS at same time of day.


    Take him to the doctor or phn..sorry I don’t agree with medical discussions online!!!

    Every child is different and no amount of posts regarding how many times the other child fills his nappy can give you a proper answer.

    If you are worried enough to post I would go to docs to make sure..nothing like peace of mind.

    Have to say though it sounds excessive to me..my dd was bf too and didnt poop that much..so again different to Taylor..so pop to doc!!


    I dont agree with happymumblemum. as I said I bf two one did a poo on every nappy and the other only once a week… both was normal for bf babies
    What I would worry about and Im saying this not just a a mum but as a pharmacy technician (would deal with questions like this everyday when I was working) What you look for is a change in routine, some adults and kids go once a day or once a week…..
    If your child was only going once a day and now going 5 times, yes by all means take to the gp….. but if 5 times has always been his normal routine then follow as normal, CHANGES IN ROUTINE IS WHAT TO LOOK FOR….

    A trip to the gp would be a waste of your time and money…. call to your local chemist and talk to the pharmist…
    Good luck and dont worry sounds very normal to my ds, he was about 2 and he started to go twice a day now only once, i could time my ds2 for when he does his poo…..


    Good thinking about the pharmacy Taylor, always forget about that option.

    I am so wary of looking to the net for medical help as I once spent many months having diagnosed myself and having others diagnose me on other web sites as having cancer..I was too afraid to go to the doc and just kept right on googling …to my detriment..can kind of look back now and laugh but at the time it was causing major problems.

    Ur right doc way to expensive to run too over every thing …

    It just worries me when people look for medical reasurrance as not everyone is as qualified as you to talk about it Taylor, but that was good advice about changes from the norm being cause to worry.

    So in this instance ..seems like you hit on a pro!!!


    having had 5 babies I can only offer advice on what I’ve experienced myself. I know mine did poo that little bit more anytime they were teething and their bottoms could be a little bit more sore too as a result. It was nearly the first sign of a new tooth coming, especially in my last little boy.

    Agree with the general advice and you phn wouldn’t charge and might be able to guide you.


    Agree with if its a change in routine to be concerned otherwise should be ok. A midwife told me babies can poop 7 times in 1 day or once in 7 days and anything in between. But do ring PHN or GP (cheaper to ring than make an appt!!) if concerned.


    thats a sign of teething i had my dd at the phn and doc loads of times they done tests on her and my doc looked in her mouth one day her back teeth were only on there way up she was only 14 months at the time. i take online advice for the small things if it wasn’t for these girls at mumstown id be gone mad. 🙂


    Thanks so much everyone.
    I agree happymumblemum that the internet is not always the best place to seek medical advice…I too(since having my ds) have been self diagnosing and getting very paranoid(calmed down now thank God).
    I think a lot of people forget that the pharmacy is there to help too.
    I have to say that honestly I can’t really remember how often he had a movement when he was on bottles but since he’s been on a solid diet he has always pooped this much so I think it’s just healthy for him.
    I just wonder how many pieces of fruit would a 15 month need…might head around to PHN for a few tips.

    Taylor 5: He had breastmilk for only 6 weeks and was on prescription only formula until April last year. He’s now getting Aptamil 1yr+ at bedtime.
    Thanks again everyone


    Aptmail is very like breastmilk too so that could be your answer… then the fruit and teeth…

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