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    Yes – we have decided on Sky Climb , Wall climb and Bowling… Thanks for suggestions


    Any ideas, He has it down to 8 friends…. Not into any type of sports..

    So far this year – he’s been to cinema and eddie rockets / early bird inTangos / Leisureplex Coloock / Drogheda United Match and Mc D’s / Cinema and Sorrento’s / Bouncycastle Slide Party..

    I was considering Leisureplex and BurgerKing…

    my dd had her 9th party beginning of month – had 25 at hers in Leisure Park..

    Probaly would be his last as off to Secondary School in Sept 2011


    what about the sky climb in Funtasia, thats supposed to be great fun?


    oh yeah and they would be egging oneanother on to do it..or even what about fright night….

    the drogheda united match and food sounds like a good one…or what about cinema and food? (eddie rockets)


    Sky Climb would be a good idea and I think you can get two for one by clicking on funtasia link here on mt..

    Only problem is if some kids are scared they would feel embarassed or may get teased if they didn’t want to do it…
    Maybe the rollerskating or water park there??


    I Think leisureplex or cinema would be a good idea i did the sky climb with them last year some woudnt do it when they got to the top of the stairs but i still had to pay, so brought them over to do skating and within 5 min of coming back the other guys were finised the sky climb they loved it but were finished way to fast.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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