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    Well after 2 miscarriages and so much heartbreak we have reached a magic 3 month mark this time. We had another scan today and got to see our little one moving around, waving and sucking his/her thumb.

    I know its real now, and even tho the hospital have being keeping a close eye for weeks now today just felt like this could really happen at last. Thank you all for your words of advice and place to vent over the past year and hopefully now we will get to share happier times :D :D :D


    Great news. 😀 😀 😀



    So happy for you, thats wonderful news. To be at the 12 week mark and see your baby wiggling about on the screen is so magical.

    We lost two babies too and know the heartache of a scan where not all is as it should be – so when it happens and everything is going well, its fantastic.

    Hope you are feeling well and starting to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

    If you feel like reading some good books, start off with Tracy Donegan’s ‘The better birth book’ this is written specifically for women in Ireland having babies here and lists all the different types of care at the various maternity hospitals. It is a fantastic book to have in pregnancy. Definitely my favourite book about birth and very relevant as it based on having a baby in Ireland.

    Again, congrats! 😀


    Oh thats such great news, it lifts my heart too hear good news like that xxxx 8 more weeks and your halfway there 😀


    Congratulations Lyn11! It is such a relief to get the magic 12 week mark. Those 12 weeks are the longest ever! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

    Mark Acu

    Congrats Lynn

    Fantastic news with the scan try and relax now and enjoy the next few monnths of telling hubby to clean, cook, iron and generally be spoilt 😀

    Take care



    congratulations Lyn..wonderful news…. 🙂


    Really happy for you and all the mums to be in general.
    But that’s not true the first 12 weeks are not the longest. It’s an very important mark that we all wait for (and so many as well) but you’ll see the longest is the LAST week.
    Still you have some time ahead of you to think about it.
    Enjoy every single moment.



    Thank you all for your good wishes. It is so nerve racking waiting for each scan in these first few months, after all we have been through, but to see the little one moving around yesterday melted my heart and my hubbies. We look forward to the next few months, at this point its all new to us! 😀


    Congrats Lyn

    Delighted for you and hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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