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    Okay this might upset people but this has enraged me!!! I have seen cases in the Irish courts over the years and this makes my mind boggle. Im thinking of the young chap who had his stomach removed due to cancer, only to find out the hospital make a mistake and it was another paitent who had the cancer, he was only in his 28 and single and had to have a bag fitted….. only 380k damages.
    Another chap had the wrong kidney removed and again not his fault and a settlement of less the half a million

    I do feel very sorry for the child in the case, as a mother of a boy the same age it breaks my heart, i do think the child should have gotten a settlement but a heck of alot smaller…. The mother had no insurance, she got "distracted while driving" crossed the centre of the road and head on into a oncoming car! The child was supposed to have been in the back seat in a booster, but her flew out of the booster and into the windscreen on impact, i didnt know this could happen!!!! I thought boosters were very safe if used and fitted right for the child in question, it makes me question was this child the correct type of seat with a belt on? If he was then it does raise some safety questions…….. also if the mother crossed the centre of the road, im guessing there was a far bit of speed involved.
    So break the law and get 11.5 million settlement!!!!! I know a family man who had a car and killed someone, he had fallen asleep at the wheel after a night shift, he got 3 years in prison, he was fully insured and never broke the law in his life, this was a simple accident.
    Why was this mother sitting outside court smiling and not in prison doing time for dangerious driving.
    I know this post will make some people angry, i do feel very sorry for the child but i just think this is soooo unfair to people who pay large ins premiums and hers the reason why!
    http://www.rte.ie/news/2012/0420/larges … 11-5m.html


    I totally agree with you Taylor,i was really shocked to hear this story on the news tonight.the grandmother sued the mother to get the money…..it just makes no sense to me.it was the womans fault,i know it was an accident but she caused it not anyone else.I know her child has a very different life ahead of him now & she does need money to take care of him but why like this.i was wondering is the Dad of the child still on the scene & if so what he makes of it all.


    Looking at the child is heartbreaking, who would drive about in there car with their kids with no insurance? Not that insurance would have saved this child his horrific injuries, but it just sends out a message of what type of person she is!!
    I do think the child as a minor had the right to sue his mother, i know two childhood friends who did this against their dads insurance after they were hit by a drunk driver, one of their sisters died in the car and they had very serious injuries, they got 30 or 40k but that was in the 80’s
    I think a couple of million would have been enough to set up a fund to care for the child, 11.5 just sounds way over the top!!!
    So wreckless driving, no insurance, break the law, Crash, inflict injuries on an innocent child and get 11.5million reward!! I know its in a trust for the child, but im sure she will buy herself a nice people carrier for the child AND MAYBE PAY FOR INSURANCE and live in a nice big house with no money worries….. while us idiots will pay for that 11.5 millon. It just makes me so angry


    I would have to agree that the woman should have been prosecuted. In saying that, she also has to live with the fact that she ruined her childs life. She may have been smiling on the day but that child will need care 24/7 for the rest of his life.

    Yes, the money is in trust and the mother will most likely get her hands on it. If the father is not present, he would have a very good case for trying to take the child off her now and a very good incentive to do so. She would definately not be fit.

    On the subject of the booster seat – I don’t know how he could havebeen in one. The reason for a booster is that without one – a small child will slip under the seat belt in a crash. My 5yr old uses a booster in one car and a seat with the car seat belt in the other – although he is old enough and big enough for the booster, I do feel that he is lost in the normal seat belt – plus he is always pulling at the seat belt – which would not then be tight. I imagine all children do the same.


    I cannot even get my head around this – how did they come up with the idea to do this?? It seems insaneto me.


    i know im the same Sabbi!!!

    I think boosters are safe is used by the guildlines and for children of the correct weight and size… if you are that fecking stupid to "look at animals" in a field while driving, so much so that you drift over the cental margin and into oncoming traffic, all this with no insurance on your car… i cant see her being the type of mammy who took 1 min to check to see if the child buckled himself in right

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