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    To celebrate National Breastfeeding week, Nelo Maternity are giving ten euro off all singlets until 31st October.

    These are ideal for discreet feeding and perfect when out and about with baby. They have a little lift up flap, so no fussing about with straps, clips and buttons etc.

    To get 10 euro off any singlet this month, simply enter code NELOBF. :D


    Why am I only finding out about this company now after my last baby is nearly 6 mos old?!?

    I got one of the breastfeeding singlets and a BooB nursing dress and they are fab! I love the singlet as it’s a pretty durable hefty material with a good stretch and the flap is ideal for nursing as you go unnoticed! People often think I am just cuddling my baby 😆

    The BooB nursing dress has the same discreet lift up flap and the patterns and style are modern and not frumpy. I am delighted to see there is more of a fashionable yet functional line of nursing wear as no mother should have to compromise her style!

    Well don Nelo Maternity and thanks for supporting us breastfeeding moms 😉


    Totally agree, the clothes make breastfeeding easy and the singlets are so washable, I have them in white & black and they are through the washing machine alot and have not faded at all.

    good investments for bf mums.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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