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    1 hour 45 minutes it took me to get my daughter out of bed i had to get her dressed while she was asleep. it seems now every morning she is late for school i think the novelty of junior infants is wearing off early on her. i get up a 6.30 am to get my dog and cat fed i call her at 6 45. in september she was out of bed, dressed and fed before 8. anyone going through the same?


    Hi Nicki,

    Poor you, what a start to the day….

    Can I ask, why are you getting her up so early? Maybe she is tired, that seems very early to get her up. What time does she go to bed? is she a good sleeper? Do you have a bedtime and morning time routine?

    I get my 3 up at 7.40am and have them washed, dressed and fed and out the door for 8.25am.

    i get the lunches and uniformsready the night before so its just a matter of dressing & feeding them in the mornings. Maybe a routine would help?

    Hope you get it sorted, sounds tiring.


    I’d say your exhausted with that. But they can be so tired in the mornings, obvious one is what time does she go to sleep at (not just go to bed at). My 7yr old ad is definately a sleepy head in the mornings…..I leave him in bed until 8.15 most mornings……have found, from experience, there is just no point getting him up early as the earlier he is up the later he is getting ready as he thinks he has all morning.

    Definately have to open his window a little bit to let some air in to waken him, pull the blinds up to blind him with the light 🙂 and then I just leave him to it. Found if I gave him too much attention and kept calling him he just lay in bed but now he knows its once only. He gets the clothes on (leave them all ready at the bottom of the bed), eats breakfast, teeth, coat and bag on and out the door at 8.40. So about 25mins in total from bed to out the door.

    He washes out his lunch box night before so I have lunch in the bag, by the door and his coat on top waiting for him so no excuses to dilly-dally. He actually loves getting into school early now so he has a chat and a play with the lads before school starts. He knows if he’s late he misses that too.

    Agree with Sabbi on routine, our house would fall apart without it. I get up at 6.30/6.45am(I have mindees coming at 8.15am), 2 secondary school girls about 7am, 2yr old about 7.30am and 7yr old at 8.15am. All go but gets the job done. 😀

    Think most kids go through this.wouldn’t we all love some mornings in bed 😀


    my dd is in preschool 3 days a week and has to leave with me at 7.10am (which she’s well used to used to do it 5days a week from 5.5months until 2.5yrs) I swear on the 3 days she’s to leave with me dilly dally all the way and on the other mornings she’s bright as a button and sometimeseven dressed before i leave – can’t win.
    Def agree though routine the way to go.


    am also wondering why you would get your little one up at that time.i turn on the light in the rooms at 7.30 and we are organised and ready to leave by 8.30.kids go to school in congress and fatima and we live in five oaks.mine go to bed at 8 butits still hard some mornings so get them going.good luck with that one nicky


    My kids 5, 7 and 9 wake me up well before my alarm which is set for 8am. I dont think I’ve ever had to wake them up!


    your lucky i went in with pots and spoons to the room 7.30 am and she was up and dressed by quarter to 8 😆 . she does be in bed at 7 and up for 7 so a good 12 hours before school. lately she has been a pain to get out of bed in he morn.


    What I find makes it easier in the morning.
    My kids don’t like getting out of the bed in the cold and then put on the cold clothes, so I put them on the radiator, because they’re warm the kids jump into it.

    I’m the same I could stay in bed for ages, just because it’s nice and warm and cold outside.

    Once we get going we’re fine.

    Take care.

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