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    Its great to see such a response to the Name it Vip preview sale on tomorrow night.

    If you dont have a invite, dont worry just email me at susan@laurencetowncentre.com



    Just a quick post to say Thanks for the evening In Name It last night – didn’t get to hang around much with 3yr old in tow but got her Xmas clothes 😆 😆


    Once again, a very large thank you to Susan and the ladies in Name It. I felt like a woman possessed…. 😳 There are just so many gorgeous things for the kids these days, and the fact that there is a return to the seventies / retro type thing going on… is just up my street!

    I returned home, after being "wined and biscuited"… and having a large bag of goodies in tow….
    ’twas fabulous, and the DH was somewhat delighted with what I got for his little people…. so, twas all good! 😉

    Thanks Ladies! 😆


    Thanks as always to Susan for being super professional and brilliantly organised!

    The wine and nibbles was a lovely touch and after two glasses, encouraged my mam to spend 100 euro on her grandchildren!! Great for my little ones come Christmas ….. (although she had me tormented all the way home telling me she wants to buy some bottles of that wine for Christmas, Susan where can I get it?!!)

    A big thank you to Lizanne and all the staff in Name it. I have to say the girls are always very helpful in there with sizes etc. and they were great last night.

    My kids are all dressed for Christmas so I’m delighted….I’m tempted to go back again today and pick up some more stuff!!

    Thanks again – it was a great idea and hopefully is the first of many such nights.


    Got DD dressed aswell… Munchin i never met you before so i hadnt a clue what you looked like, i waited for a bit outside the shop but i think it was you that was sstanding next to me in the que at the till witha little blond girl ???It was a good turn out for it


    Hi Girls

    A big thank you for your attendance last night at the "Name it" VIP night. It was great fun and I am delighted you all got so much bargains

    Remember the sale continues to the general public today so send family & friends that did not make it.

    Lizanne the manager of Name it has asked me to extend her thanks to you all, a great night was had by everyone. She assures me that there is more to come for you "mumstown ladies" so watch this space

    See you all soon
    Susan 😀


    Great night Susan, thanks a million.

    Looking forward to working with youagain



    How long is the sale on for? I couldn’t make it last night unfortunately.


    got some lovely things especially my fav the rolling stones top…how funky….

    thanks susan and name it stafff…was a great idea for us mummies…..


    lol rosylisa i was early and when i was waiting for u susan told me go on in she’d send any mammies in
    not sur my little one is fair alright long hair was in pigtails sorry i missed you must look at bebo cause we’re friends on that from yonks back

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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