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Told admin bout it jus ncase.

I wdnt think twice on goin back!! Tell ya one thing that was SOOOOOOooo embarressing, when i 1st got betsy, was goin to a seminar in ucd to do with my exams, 1st time drivin in dub, jus there at finglas at tom duffy motors (bmw place) met a car comin towards me ON A DUAL CARRAIGE WAY!!!! I jus missedhim by seconds!! Stupid f’er! So i needed petrol n pulled into the tesco there in finglas, cdnt get my petrol knob opened! Tried for ages! HAD TO ASK A MAN NEAR BY TO DO IT! Had to tell him it was a new car! THe LOOKSi got that day! Gangs of lads p*ssin their sides laughin! Now thats embarressin!