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CAnt pick colour theme til sis comes home from Oz in Sept, she n one of my bessie mates is b’maids. Im thinkin a vintage gold or a deep burgandy winey colour for the theme. Depends which suits the girls. My mates gettin married herself n few wks so i cant go fussin with our weddin jus yet n wreck her poor head. Ill let her get over her own weddin 1st!!!

We werent gonna go for a video guy at 1st but then we were in Joes cus hse n theyd their weddin video on n all the faces that had since died n dress sence etc so said if we got a resonable quote we’d take it. THen our guy offered for v little compared to everyone else so we took it! I HATE VIDEOMEN WITH PASSION, but it will be nice to look back on!