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Tll tell ya where d sun is…….GONE!!! Hidin behind d big fluffy grey n white clouds!!!!!!! Thats my geography lesson for 2day!!!

Was on to the IATI that im studyin to deffer my exams next year. Was i see it is i can do without stress of college work n exams with weddin to org for n house to org for after weddin so think might go back to college Oct 09 now!! Sounds so far away!! Id 6 yrs to do my whole course so id be within my 6 yrs that this way too. Think i might jus do it! Im stressful enough with jus exams, im dreadin to see what ill be like with weddin too! Hearin what others do be sayin etc how stressful it is, im hopin theyre wrong! Ah ill c!!

Hows me yummy now??!! What ya have for lunch 2day??!!!! let me guess….SOUP!!!!!! Was i right??!!