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evening all.
sounds like the girls had a good time at the new group, what a shame d is at playschool on tuesdays!

Well my day was busy enough, started badly though when i picked up d from playschool and she had been bold 😳 fighting over toys i get very upset when other people give out to my dd ( have to get over this !!) so i dint let her have the playschool end of session lolly ( didnt want them to think i didnt punish properly) so all hell broke loose!!!!!!!!!! I thought maybe that they over reacted a bit and looked a bit overly annoyed after al she is usually very good!!!!
Any way then we got home and got the phone call to say she had won the giant snake toy from heatons 😆
Then Woodies told me i could pick up a new lawn mower after they misplaced the one i left for repair 😆 😆