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Talk to ya ltr mashimarogirl8!!!!!! Fill that belly girl!!!! I can hear the grumbles from here!!

Im d one who gets a creak in me neck with Joe!! Hes bloody 6′ 2” so bitta dif betn us!! Least i dont have to reach down much for anythin!!!!! 🙄 I say that too in an innocent sence also might i add!! No id love to be a nice inch or inch n half taller! Love long jeans cos 32” are only good for flats for me so i tend to buy d 33” which tend to get distroyed!!! If i were the extra inch theyd be perfect!!!! Need to loose the belly here too big time. Im startin a thread in here in a few wks after my exams for others to join me in loosin a few lbs n weighin in every 2 wks. Its good in other forums so def wd work here since were all so close knit tog me thinks! Its great motivatin. I cant get me head around the healthy eatin around exam time. I stress out n want choc n let meyself too incase i flip out altog. I do be v on edge at exam time. Cry over anythin etc. Narky too!