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or even a trip to newbridge, indoor minigolf in tougher business park….that would be a day out go to the newbridge silverware showroomsfor mammy and they have a new shopping centre like dundrum obviously smaller but great shops…..

a trip to the firestation, we’re going with playgroup and then the follwoing week the farm…..

take a trip to the beach clean up and also get a little print out of birds and get the kids to see what they can spot on the waters, bring a bucket and see can you get crabs and collect some sea shells and a little sand and when they come back get them to write about their trip to the seaside paint their sea shells that’s 2 days of occupying time…..

a trip to the library, do arts and crafts or a baking day…..or even if the kids are old enough get them to organise a yard sale of little things or even get them to get some friends together with your help write a little play and get them to do a little show at the end of the week….even something funny like the mad leprecaun who mixes up the pot of gold with easter eggs and the easter bunny who is so confused….something silly combine the two celabrations in one silly play…

Easter – have an easter egg hunt, make egg cup men, this will take 6 days boil an egg, get them to eat the inside then paint the shells, get cotton wool, water it get some cress seeds and grow hair….. egg and spoon race….lots of ideas….