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girls my eldest (8 now) was absolutely terrible when he was about 2 -3 for eating. there would be a screaming match every time we put food in front of him. dont know how many times i ended up on the phone crying to my mam or dad about the fact he wouldnt eat. anyway, dad always said just ignore him, just put the dinner infront of him and if he doesnt eat it dont worry he wont starve. we tried it and my god the change was amazing. he is the best grobber now. would eat bigger portions than i would eat and will try everything. (not too keen on veg, will only eat carrots and spuds)

My youngest (5 years) started out eating rings round him. if we were going anywhere i would have tins of fruit, yoghurts, sambos etc with me and that might just be a trip down town. now its a different story, while he does eat plenty, its just not dinners. he never seems to have time to sit and eat. there are certain dinners he will sit and enjoy but most of the time he would rather pick off someones elses plate than his own.

i know a girl who lived on chips and salad cream for most of her life and she is a healthy adult now. myself i dont eat veg and it has never done me any harm. so girls dont stress out about what the little ones are eating they will not starve ❗ ❗