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Scole Im laughing here reading your post, as you know I could have wrote thatsame post a few months back, I really do think its an age thing, its them learn and growning into their emotions and feelings.

With the food try just sitting him at the table for a set time, you eat your dinner and chat away, if he wants to eat he will eat if he doesnt he doesnt. When meal time is over just clear his plate and no treat etc. Dont give in and feed between meals, so at the next meal he should be starving and eat away. If A throws tantrums at the table (banging his fork, or messing his food, shouting/crying) he is put onto the bold step to cool off and he sit and eats when he brought back in. I find ignoring him works best and he starts to eat, but the whole point is dont make an issue out or not eat, if you do then you’ll have trouble.
I find A has gone back to being a baby, he wants to be spoon fed, think its a phase
I have a great book Taiming toddlers, but Im using it for the potty now. So when Im finished you can have it
There is light at the end of the tunnel its just a phase 😆 😆 😆 😆 its lasts until they are 18 🙄