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aw thanks ed appreciate it, but i sooo do need to lose it, wish i was back pre baby weight (7 years ago PMSL)

the kick up the ass i got was watching my mates wedding dvd last week, and i looked totally horrendous, nearly cried watching it, every said i looked fine ( ithought so to until i seen the vid) then one said the camera adds 10 lbs, i nearly wanted to say the chandler thing and say how many bloody cameras were on me then hahahahahahaha.

had s &v tayto there but it will be pointed and ill be on mybike tonight again.

ed i find the scales great 9thought the €7or whatever € it was a week was madness. id hate to see the weight creep back up so defo have to have the willpower to go on 🙂
now for the smokes 🙂