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Hi gang
I bought the Mammas and pappas one in Smyths for €159.99 its a travel system and i love it. Its grey and silver very snazzy! I just would not spend €700 on a buggy NO WAY! I would rather go on Holidays for a week! My single seater in my sittingroom didnt even cost €700!! nd we sit in that for years, not like prams/buggys which are only used for a year or two.
Anyway everyone to their own. Ive bought white babygrows, vests bibs etc from Dunnes for the first few days babs is born. I just dont want to waste money on clothes that wont get worn, on DD i bought pink/blue outfits and had to bring them all back because they didnt fit, wrong colour etc etc. I got tonnes of pressy’s and she was practically dressed for a year then anyway! Im going to wait this time round and get more clothes etc if i need them after the babys born i will go on a little shopping trip ALONE and get them then if i need to.
I got blankets and cot sheets for the hospital cot in pennies as i can throw them away then. I think the hospitals are filthy and im just gonna throw most of themthings away like slippers and cot sheets/blanket etc or donate them to the hospital. Ive fresh ones for at home. Im a clean freak so i can imagine their faces when i get the bacteria wipes out to wipe over everything first!! 😆 😆 😆
Im 33 weeks now cant wait! Im really thinking im going to go early! Im getting really strong braxton hicks, and pressure pains already! 🙄 Moan Moan!! Best of luck with the pregnancies girls most of us are due around the same time the race is on! Anyone else feel they are going to go early??