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I come from a big family but since i had my children it seems like they are all avoiding me, plus my friends don’t visit either
if i want to see anyone i have to go visit them which isn’t easy with 2 toddlers and a 3mth old baby and no car
i started to go to a mother toddler playgroup before christmas and its giving me a chance to meet other mothers to talk to and not feel like i’m going crazy and for my children to get to play with people their own age
its tough becoming a parent no matter if your used to children or not
but when you see you babys first smile, or hear them say they love you it just feels worth all the sleepless nights etc….
i was told i had pnd but i decided not to get any medication for it as antidepressants never worked on me, but i find that if i’m feeling alone and need a break i put the baby in a buggy and get my dh to mind the other two and i go for a walk
i wish you all the best and good luck 🙂