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Hi Taylor,

Any more news on this little dog? any more sightings? the girl who owns him rang me yesterday as I rang her and told her that you may have spotted him around 5 Oaks, she said she was going to go over and put some posters up…..

It would be lovely if they got this little dog back home….even though he has been missing since before Christmas……. 🙁

Poor little dog was killed on Golf Links road again yesterday, why do people let their dogs roam…… had 3 doggies things yesterday, spotted poor little dog on golf links road, but was dead bless him, then got call about Bailey and then just on way to Donacarney and spotted an elderly German Shepherd wondering in road….luckily he had tag on, so we put him in car until owner picked him up…..had to drive to Juliantown to drop Dh off with this big strange dog in back seat…DH had put him on back seat 🙄 was slightly worried driving back alone but he was fine just happy to be safe