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Oh Gismo…same here…I have had this for a good while now with my DS, he is gradually getting better and now knows he is doing wrong……but glad to see many mums are saying its completely normal as some other mums can tend to judge and I have been accused of being too soft on DS and also that DS has unresolved issues 🙄 😯

Most mums are supportive but have met a few who are not and try to put blame on parents…..or worse saying child has problems 🙁

I cannot give advice as I am still working through it, so not sure whats working just that he has grown out of some of his behaviour. ie started with biteing stopped that, then hitting and slapping thats now stopped, now he is on to pinching but gradually thats getting less and less….its just so very trying and hard not to lash out or freak out……

Moonflower xx