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Lol!! Oh i rem the days taylor of the potty training!!! lol¬ mY poor sis n law goin through all that at the min! Her wee ones startin pre school in Sept n need her trained or wont take her!!! Itll be interestin! All wee Ella says to me ‘Ella no go potty!!’!

No progress to report as yet on hse! Joe goin to builder tonight to show were to put radiators before floors poured so id say if weather doesnt let us down itllbe mon floors will be in n thats the main hold up. If they were in the brickies cd work away. Mad to get it up now! My bp is up n i know right well its all the house lark thats puttin it up! Feckin docs! Sick of them!

Where on earth is everyone!!!???????????????/