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Moonflower got your pm and I pm’d you back . 😉

The other night my dh was sick with what seems like the cold/flu , sweats , reeally hot etc. we were in bed and he was breathing funny when he was alseep so i said I would do some IET on him and as I was doing it the stag deer came to me and he was running thru a forest running away but he was not frighten he just came to a stop at a lake and mountains.. I just said this must be a sign of the cold/flu running frm my dh system.

The next morning my dh woke up and his exact words where " what a f**k up dream I had . I was inside a deers head all night running thru a forest , until I came to a big lake then I just stoppped and sat down.

Now I know I can connect with the higher forces.

angels and animals in dreams are messages

I just looked up what deer means in dreams "Deer in dreams
Deer in dreams may represent gentleness, healing and connection to the forest, which is said to symbolise the unconcious of the dreamer. An antlered stag, because of its cycle of growing and shedding antlers, represents fecundity, rejuvenation or rebirth. Some people interpret the stag as a sexual symbol, since the antlers are used for in fighting for the chance to mate. "