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hey…how did i miss this thread!! Oh i will be going back and reading it now……Alison I will be on one of your courses, not sure which one yet, IET or Angels….. 😀

This week I have had some amazing experiences, one was wonderful, one was especially scary and involved my DS 🙁 …….I know what the message is now and i think the angels had to involve my DS to make me take note, a friend has loaned me some books on psychic protection and how I need to call in the angels more….so Alison this is why i know i will be doing your course, if you dont mind I may pm you with my experience this week as I think you will agreewith me that I am being asked to protect myself…….

right now I am going to read everyones posts……

Also Dh bought me a book from Jacky Newcomb for Christmas, all about angel stories from normal people, great read and weird thing was on Christmas Day my sis rang from Uk and said guess what her Dh had brought her a book for christmas, by Jacky Newcomb and I said wow so did my DH!! can get her books in Waterstones.