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He’s fine, but Im sure he will be in pain when dh gets in and he is telling dad what happened 😆 😆 😆

I’ve never eaten there, might give it a go. The black bull is just beside us but I find the food total crap. Do hanrattys do food during the day.

14 days is a long time. I was 3 days over and the last 2 weeks were a total nightmare. My mam was on the phone every few minutes, if I didnt answer the phone she would be on to dh in a flash 😳 🙄 I was induced and I didnt like it at all, not painfull or anything but didnt like tha fact that you have to be on a monitor 24/7, were I would have loved to have been walking about to get things going.
Please God all will go well for her Rossy, how old is she?