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Alison what you just posted is sooo strange. As a child I would get a heaviness feeling just before I’d go alseep, you know that moment where your neither awake or asleep. I would get this strange heaviness feeling and I would feel almost paralised in the bed, this would have been around the time I would scare the life out of my parents I said and the dreams I would have would come true…… I swear to god Im not crackers but as I sit here typing Im got a smell of engine oil, a very strong smell just for 2 or 3 seconds, my dad was a truck driver and would often smell of engine oil.
The more I read these post and remember things from the past, the more I would love a session with you. I have a sore eye at the moment and would love to arrange something when Im better, might get scole to come too….. spooky or what