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Taylor your story about your mam is so moving .

I went to lady who did angel cards etc but she is a meduim also and my DH mam came true(i never met her she died when dh was 16 and he was 25 at the time I went to meduim) and also my friend who was killed in a car crash came true . The messages I got were lovely and also very moving.
If you have not done it you should check out the Mind body and spirit show in the rds in March 15TH-17TH its amazing all the mediums are there , some of the best from the uk etc..

I Oct I got my Aura done and I swear to god I nearly passed out when I seen my aura image , the lady Meabh who I found out her name after she did it she just looked at me with shock and said "oh my god you have angel wings" I said what , she said look " My aura image had 2 huge voilet wings coming out of my shoulders descending down to my thigs and going in " she said to me " St Germain is at your side right now he is always with you " for anyone that knows about angels, ascended masters etc ST GERMAIN is the main man you call in and he invokes the violet flame etc , i always use him in IET sessions etc. When meabh told me this about st germain my eyes filled up and i told her I call on him daily for my own use and for clients etc. she asked me what I did and I told her I had just begun since June to practice IET and that I had my masters in IET since the end of Sept, she could not believe it. She also told me I astral Travel when I am a sleep , my spirit leaves and goes to work on people.she asked me this one thing and I never forget it she said " when you wake up in the morning do you feel as if your very heavy and cannot movein the bed " I said "YES " which was beginning to worry me and then she said " when you realise where you are do you jolt " I said "yes" then she said to me " after about 15 mins when you get up do you hear a ringing in your ears for about 10 secs and then it stops" or course being me I said "yes" .She explained to me that The heaviness I was feeling was my body being in the bed but not my soul/spirit , the jolting was my spirit coming back to me and the ringing was angels letting me know I had done work that night. Now I was freaked but in a good way when she said this .
This is alot to believe in but I honestly do , I am a 31 yr old mother of 18mth old baby , I worked in a Multi national for 10 yrs gave it up to go into holistic therapies and I have found my love in Angels and Healing 🙂

So now every night I ask the angels and powers to be to protect me in all I do because I dont know where i go when I fall asleep 😉