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Ah poise thats a brilliant story and very up lifting, its mad how your still finding 5p’s when they are gone from circulation. How would you find on in your washing, its not like anyone would be using them, maybe its a message from the otherside.I know anyone who hasnt lost someone close to you will read this and think we are crack post, but when you lose someone dear to you you will believe in anything.

My dad is dead 10 years and he had pigdeons for years, but he stopped breading them about 20 years before he died, so all his pigdeons would have been long dead. But after he died, well a few years after he died a pigdeon landed on the roof and stayed for weeks, everytime we went out into the garden it would fly down and land on the shed roof or try and land on your head. Mam had never gotten over my dad sudden death and she was very moved by this pigdeon. She wouldnt go out or go on holidays with her friends etc… we told her that maybe it was a sign from dad saying he was ok and he wanted her to get on with her life. She went into the garden one day and 😥 😥 😥 (God this is so hard to type, my mam isnt mad I promise 😆 😥 😆 😥 ) spoke to the bird 😆 😆 😆 she said Im fine and I miss you, but Im afraid to start going out as I dont want you to think I forget you 😥 😥 😥 well the bird vanished never to be seen again 😕 It might have been a coincidence or a message from the otherside, but what ever it was it gave my mam alot of peace and she started to live her life again.
I would love to go to a medium (dont know if thats the correct spelling) but would be sooo afraid to do so