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Got your address and thanks a mill .

I do have block on my email so no bad stuff gets through , if you get the jist. Agony aunt, private problems , and scam coming from wome weirdos.

yes if you can try the mail address again , I may get it now , and let you know , but if not successful , I will post ( prob be best anyway as honest my computer work is beyond BELIEF ) . I am busy tomorrow , but promise thursday will post it , and you have it by Fri. and sleep like a Baby ( well if anything like mine they up and down all night ha ha ) but sleep like a baby supposed to ……. all night…. and if dh listens he may be converted or not , and if not converted, how bout our night in Jan , and I will help you achieve your resolution anyway ……. GO ALONE ABROAD HA . You see I know the SECRET that me and Kelly have lined up . it brill