Fear of flying ……. honestly one of my specialities

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Had this Fear myself (sorry terror). I was unbelievable , put it down to a crash landing when 19yrs old ( 3 yrs ago ha ha ) not sent you my photo yet. ….. coming home from Canada. On my course , got up in front of whole class , as a specimen of how Hypnotherapy works in this regard. Had the job done , and WOW OH WOW , was I surprised. It worked brilliantly , and actually had nothing to do with that crash landing. Apparently in 90 % of cases , it not what we think it is and cold be same with dh. Yes I can help , and know something else , I have lots of testimonails in this regard too. If you email me your address bmckenna22@msn.com , with your home address I will send you a free Information Brochure and CD , and as a Welcome a FREE wonderful Relaxation CD ( promise you will love it ) , as you the first to write to me via mumstown site (some have obviously written for advice on this address, from Mumstown and want keep it confidential and it advice only that I hope has helped them ) but your open ness deserves this FREE Gift. So pls email bmckena22@msn.com now your home adress , and I will post all this info to you and theCD too , before the end of week. The only advice I can give you here, is that Hypnosis works , and as I had the FEAR , I am probably the best at it . You , know wore the T shirt etc. however your dh has to want to go abroad too , I cant make him, so if he wants it , he can listen to info, and book a free consultation with me then.
So first it b the CD , and thanks for the enquiry . Now take the next step , and get that address to me immediately. All without any obligation . Bernice