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have to say even though my b day is 3rd jan i always got stuff off my parents and brother (other one too young) and the funny thing is that we always go up to my nans st stephens day and thats when i would get my b day pressies off my relations 🙂 happy days 🙂

€250 defo wouldnt be able to afford that sure only spent €200 on my ma 50th

i do buy for alot
2 brothers
J dad (from J, something small)
J godmother (she me best friend)
my mates kids (2 of them)
my 2 ickle cousins
my bro gf
my nans
we do kris kindle in my mam side so that another €50 pressie
might get me neighbours bottle of wine as yer man cuts me front grass, but all in all thats the height of it
oh plus santa, have spent €260 already and he went and asked me yest for a flipping ipod, come on now 6yo with an ipod GRRRRR