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My sis in law has never had smear and has just been for a second attempt now, her first they could not do it as she was not relaxed, last week they gave her some tablets to relax and tried again, still could not do it and next time they said they will up the dose of the relaxant……I know she wont mind me sharing this as we have talked about it for hours why she cant have it done……but just to let veryone know that if you really cant relax this can be very normal and the nurse/doctor shoudl understand……

I was nervous on my first one…….my sister came in with me as she had been the same when she had her first one…..I had some abnormal cells and ended up having quite a few smears while I was being monitored…..but thankfully it seems to have sorted itself out and have needed no treatment…….so even if you do get an abnormal result back, please try not to panic….just go back for your next smear and let them monitor you…..