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thanks for all the suggestions girls,

well dd loves my singing, i scared her with my dancing, and she adores barney even at her tender young age ( mammy hates him already ). she’s also big into watching trees blowing in the wind.

i did have to duck once or twice as my neighbour came back from the school run i swear! didn’t want to scare her kids aswell!

anyway, she seems bored with her usual toys so i’m going to try to go shopping again this weekend, (happy baby permitting) to get her some new stuff and also i loved the painting idea! i’d never of thought of that. i still have my pregnancy brain, its hard to shake!

i’m really looking forward to being able to get out and about with her more when i can drive, its just taking so long! but i know we’ll get there eventually. i have to take my time with it or i’ll get frustrated and pack it in again!