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As i decided to be in a mood with the db tonight when i came home i just plonked abbey in with him he is tryn to watch star wars and she is Singing at th top of her voive IM FLYN ROCKETS EVERY DAY!!! and BOB THE BUILDER! I was telling her on the way home to sing daddy all her songs! HA now im tucked in bed with the laptop feck him that what you get for going out and not bothering to come home (even though Meath lost ha ha ha) to your preggers girlfriend! I didnt even wash a dish today or put a wash in the machine if he wants a skivvy then go buy one on the net i hear they’re going cheap at the moment!!

And i will continue to ignore his ass until i get an apology. A cup of tea doesnt count anymore not on the second pregnancy!! 😆 God sometimes i hate men they are soooooooo selfish, ok here comes the narky hormone kicking in!!! better go to sleep im sooo addicted to this site! 😆 😆 😆