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I too dont like paying for bank holidays or times when the place closes ie x mas, now i understand the staff have to be paid but come on now.
my ds goes to after school care and from sept, ill only need them every 3rd week (the way me and his da work) but i have to pay for the other 2 weeks to hold his place.
the government bribed us off with the €1000 a year for childcare, which anyone with children get so how does that solve the childcare issue???? plus my ds is 6 now and my last payment is in july…what do i do then?? leave him at home to fend for himself, me thinks not. i still have to pay and it a pain inthe @ss.
I would like to see tax breaks for childcare, even though i wouldnt benifit from it as i dont pay tax.
vicious circle is right!!!!