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Hi there!
Back for a bit of advice on behalf of a friend. She has her 14 month old boy with a childminder and she wants to speak to her later about his behaviour, she is saying he is throwing tantrums and cries alot and that he is TOO YOUNG to be having tantrums! She has also asked her what type of birth she had with him as it could be a reason he is ‘acting out’ and told his Dad that her husband had to leave the room as he was crying so much and also wanted to know if they shout at him at home.
Understandably she is quite upset about this, especially when to top it off she gave her a leaflet on influential behaviour!
She is just looking for a bit of advice on how to respond to such a thing and how she should go about it…. her son is a lovely pleasant boy so this is quite a shock to her.

Thanks a mil!