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No Marie I didnt, but we are a bit away from you and we sleep at the back too…. I find that mad as we have loads of garda living around here, did you ring the garda? There is a new bloke living close to you, he drives a silver bmw, well he nearly ploughed me off the road the other day, he came around the corner on the wrong side….. I bet ds first word will be Wank*r 😳 😳
We are off to a kids party this afternoon, I got ds a new pair of sandels yesterday but sent dh back with them as they are too tight, I did say it to the guy in Clarkes but he said they were fine. I had them on ds this morning and his little feet were all red and marked (with socks on too). Told dh to get a new pair of wellies as I think he will need them today….. there will be no bouncy castle if it stays like this 😥 😥 😥 😥
Better go and wash colour out of hair and shower before dh and ds arrive back looking for lunch
Marie try get some rest when G goes for her nap today…. talk later