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My head is banging here, left my car in for a service today and my replacement car is a 1.3 fridge on wheels (3 door yoke) sooooo peed off about it. No aircon or anything had to pull over and take ds jacket off before he melted in the back. I know its going to cost about 1000 euro as window motor broke last week 👿 👿 :evil:Rushed from Navan to BBs only to find that one, mumof2 the only one there… then bunacurry and her wee darling arrived. He splitting headache from too much caffine and sugar rush (eat all ds mini muffins 😳 )
So pee’d off I think I need a good S**g, do you ever feel like that…… or maybe a nice swim would do 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆