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I m shattered, had a great day bf worked an extra hour yest so he could drop small people to school b4 leaving for work today so he could bring me to Drog to do interview with kelly, my mam collected them from school so I had a kid free day.

Got a call from my mam about 5.30 asking me when I’d be home because she needed to go to the hospital her eye was very sore n she didn’t know what to do for it. Of course I jumped to the wrong conclusion thinking she’d had enuf of my small people & was being a drama queen I told her I was leaving Drog would be at least an hour so she said meet her at eye& ear hosp in Dublin. Did that & turns out she has an absis (sp?) on her eyeball & man do I feel like a B***h for thinking so badly of her.

Ended up after 8pm when we got home with the small people they were wrecked 🙁