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It can be true that the eldest grandchild is favoured more but that doesn’t mean that she should be encourage to fight with her brother!

I know how you feel in a way Pink, E’s nana and grandad on DH side really favour their other grand daughter – which pisses me off the odd time, I mean they mind her all the time while her Dad goes out, again, she gets away with blue murder. Usually E suffers by her, because she is a bit of a bully to E – so when something happens to E ( a push or something) and E is crying her little heart out, the other grandchild gets picked up and hugged!!!! That gets to me more, it should be E that gets the hug! We never ask his Mam to babysit because of this and I know we are probably doing wrong by not asking her but she seems to be spending her time babysitting….

God sorry Pink for hijacking, obviously it is getting to me…