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HMM glad you had your day out, was it Airfield House on the Kilmacud Road that you went too? If it was its a great place. You sound in great form, glad you had a bit of a break for the hell hole, get sacked and go on the dole for the summer.
Scole we are going to the Zoo during the week, we must meet up there some weekend. Cant wait to see the elephants and the new baby will be out in 4 weeks.
I was doing piles of ironing until after 12, so didnt log on this then. Thought I’d only be on for 5 mins but the place was really busy earlier and I just caugh up with and posted. Having trouble uploading the photos of sh and the toddle, waiting for an email back from belkin to see if router is configured right, when I get sorted I’ll let you know- Im 1973mom on bebo, but dont use it yet so it empty… dont really want to use it just for snaps etc..
Well my bed calls
Talk soon