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Yvonne i had to learn to eat healthy!!! All from that website i told ya bout that sat for coffee d other wk. The girl there helped me an awful lot n talked LOADS sense, looked at my diary for a wk n told me where i was goin wrong etc n where to change etc. Ive exactly 14 lbs gone now since 22nd Jan n even thou im not ‘dietin’ since i started study weights still comin off cos i aint over doin the shit n stickin to my unislim books!! Another 14 to come off yet thou!! Trick to healthy eatin is

good breakfast
mornin snack
reasonable lunch
2 pieces fruit
afternoon snack (fruit yughurt etc)
normal tea
grapes inthe eve

V imp to have at least 2 litres of water me thinks too!!! Id be lost without the water!!! Great for reducin bloatin!!!

God ur def not the only one happymammy!!! Ive always been like that myself! Potatoes etc not great anyway for when your tryin to loose the tummy etc!!! I try eat VERY little of them!!! Fruit n veg the way to go me thinks!!!!!!