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Good Morning!!!

I went out yesterday and got soaked! Surprise surprise!! no beer garden for us. We decided to go to the pictures and we went to see Mad Hogs I think thats what it is called absolutely hilarious film you have to see it!! Spiderman was sold out 🙁 but it was worth it just to see this other film. As we came out of the cinema in Drogheda (Kip!) we stumbled upon a fair with a huge bungie rocket so off we went and had a go! It was great craic it flung you up into the sky leaving your tummy up in your nose and spun around a few times Wow Wow wow! and bounced you back down again! I bought the dvd it recorded everything. Had a great evening. To top it all off came home had a few bevvies and a chinese and off to my leaba. Now im up kinda early abbey is off with her dad and i am going to get stuck into the housework! GREAT 😡

Going to the new leisure centre later and going swimming. We dropped in their yesterday its great for babies and everything. You can even leave the kids in the fun area (like kangaroo club) and go off on a ramble. It has a lovely carvery and bar etc.

I might book abbeys bday party there it covers everything really.

So how is all y’all today???? 😛