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ahh you happy with doing those hours then??? suppose at least sunday you can do stuff have a long weekend well ya know what i mean…..

yeah darn shed, they were trying to get rid for ages then a local lad took it said he’d get rid of it, suppose people always say that if i had only known…..but will keep an eye out….did ya try on line exchange… i think is the address they have stuff there for sale might find one there or for free….

yeah moderator, i was just asked, said yeah, dunno why i was especially chosen,but i said i’d do it sure why not….no big deal anyways everyone is equal here….just coz there was porn being sent and i told kelly maybe that’s why….

so you having coffee morning 2moro

have seen trixie on bebo, send me as friend ya have to do search through trixie….so ya’s had a ball the other night fair play let the hair down, get hammered, where ya in bits the next day