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No as borin as wee me!!! Wait til i tell ya my storey from yest eve!!!! At work id a bit of a headache, went home n got real bad, worst i got in ages, then got all dizzy n was actually trembling. Lay down for bout 10mins after takin drugs, n started study. Started feelin sick then n pages started goin blury, me mam same in n said i looked white asa ghost n was everythin ok n i told her d craic. My neighbour owns achemist in town n i went out to her n asked her sd i go to doc n call. TOld her my symptoms, n straight away she asked ‘was it my time of month’, n i said yeah but WHY. She inquired what i used n i said tampons, she told me id d early symptoms of TSS, toxic shock syndrome! Jes i near fainted when i heard that! Said it very dangerous if not noticed symptoms early!! Said if i hadve went to bed like i saidi was gonna do id DEF be on hospital today v ill! She jus told me to take the tampon out n drink plenty fluids, panadol n bed! Was grand after 3 hrs or so! God i was lucky thou!

Bet my eve was more eventful than urs!