Less screen time – calmer kids!

I’m holding my hand up and admitting that yes, my children have had too much screen time lately. I am stressed with working from home and home schooling so the temptation to give them screens to ‘keep the occupied’ for a while is strong! However, I have been trying my best to come up with […]

St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Cake!

This St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun cake. comes to us from the lovely Louise Lennox, who many of you will know from TV3’s The Restaurant and Seven O’Clock show. This is a fun cake you can make with your children and for video tutorials, go to http://foodoppi.com/ Ingredients Shopping List – for Leprechaun pattern • 1 […]

My homebirth was so easy…..

The two grandmothers were perched precariously half way up the stairs as I neared the end of my planned homebirth. They heard sounds and were unsure whether it was me or one of our other children, who they had come to look after while I went about the business of bringing baby number three into […]

Middle Child Syndrome!

Stuck in the middle……. Research suggests that middle children rebel as teenagers, following a childhood starved of the attention lavished on first- and last-borns. But is this really the case or just an excuse for bad behaviour? By; Siobhan O’Neill Being first born, a middle child or last born is something you have no control […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Its almost that time again…. Mothers Day, when we treat the amazing women who do so much for us! We’ve got some great ideas for gifts to inspire you! Who doesn’t love a TeddyBear! Your Surprise has personalised Teddy Bears that you can have specially made for someone you love. They also do fab personalised […]

Will video calls become the new normal for financial reviews

A survey by one of the life companies has revealed that 9 out of 10 people in Ireland were not aware that financial reviews can be done by video call. Many of those surveyed would be in favour of doing a review this way. Some of the reasons cited were: personal safety – no risk […]

WFH wear – keeping it comfy and casual!

Some days I want to stay in my pajamas (and TBH, some days I do!) but I also find I need some staples in my wardrobe for when I’m working from home, running to shops, looking after the kids and housework, so we’ve picked a few key pieces from FridaysEdit.com and www.Ontrend.eu that can be […]

mams.ie on LMFM chatting about first periods!!!

If you missed our chat on LMFM about ‘First Periods’….tune in here from 16 mins 39 seconds for our chat with Gerry Kelly on Late Lunch about periods, specifically first periods and how they don’t have to be a negative or scary experience. We have a family tradition to make this a very special occasion, […]

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