Salt Lamp for asthma, colds, sinuses & general wellbeing!

This Salt lamp is made with Black salt, from the Black Salt caves in Transylvania! It helps with asthma, sinuses and general well being, especially as weather gets colder and we enter cold & flu season! Our little munchkin has asthma and at this time of year she always get snuffly and starts coughing, so […]

Trendy & Bendy – superb workout leggings!

Possibly the best leggings ever!!! From Trendy and Bendy They don’t budge when you run, jump, dance etc! I love them. These are investment leggings – they will last you for years and they are amazing on. Hold all the wobbly bits in and high waisted for extra comfort. Watch out for discount code coming soon….. #mams_ie loves!! […]

LMFM & Integral #Loseweightfeelgreat challenge done & I’m 15.5lbs down!

Hooray……its all over! 6 weeks done with Integral and Late Lunch show with Gerry Kelly, as one of LMFM ‘s fab four for the ‘Lose Weight, Feel great’ 2019 fitness challenge with Integral Fitness Drogheda & Bettystown If you wanna give Integral a go on a special offer of €12o for 120 days, thats only […]

Hula Hooping

Its not easy being a Mammy…finding the time to look after the children often leaves little time for looking after yourself. So, we are always looking for clever ways to get some ‘Me Time’ and this clever weighted hula hoop from is the perfect way to squeeze in some exercise at home. Even if you’ve only […]