4 week ‘Better Choices’ Programme – lose weight, eat better!

Want to eat better and feel better? Maybe lose a few lbs too? Then check out FooDee ‘Better Choices’ classes, which start next Tuesday in Dundalk. This is about looking after yourself and your family. Its not a rapid, strict diet. Denise has so much knowledge to share. She is lovely and as a Mother herself, […]

A little bit about Foodee; Weight management & Good Health!

HOME SERVICES ABOUT ME BLOG GET IN TOUCH Food for thought As an introduction to my monthly mailing, I thought I would share a little about my JOURNEY WITH FOOD, how my MINDSET TRANSFORMATION has been the key to feeling better over the past 4 years. My journey with food started over 15 years ago, […]

Trendy & Bendy – superb workout leggings!

Possibly the best leggings ever!!! From Trendy and Bendy They don’t budge when you run, jump, dance etc! I love them. These are investment leggings – they will last you for years and they are amazing on. Hold all the wobbly bits in and high waisted for extra comfort. Watch out for discount code coming soon….. #mams_ie loves!! […]

Hula Hooping

Its not easy being a Mammy…finding the time to look after the children often leaves little time for looking after yourself. So, we are always looking for clever ways to get some ‘Me Time’ and this clever weighted hula hoop from http://www.firetoys.co.uk is the perfect way to squeeze in some exercise at home. Even if you’ve only […]