Manage your money better!

The children go back to school this week and many mums start to think about planning for Christmas! It may seem ages away but it comes around fast and its good to be prepared and budget for it in advance. If you need some help or advice managing your finances, why not ask for the […]

My homebirth was so easy…..

The two grandmothers were perched precariously half way up the stairs as I neared the end of my planned homebirth. They heard sounds and were unsure whether it was me or one of our other children, who they had come to look after while I went about the business of bringing baby number three into […]

Middle Child Syndrome!

Stuck in the middle……. Research suggests that middle children rebel as teenagers, following a childhood starved of the attention lavished on first- and last-borns. But is this really the case or just an excuse for bad behaviour? By; Siobhan O’Neill Being first born, a middle child or last born is something you have no control […]

Gourmet Food Parlour – we love it here!

Treating our girl to a very special grown-up ‘Welcome to the women’s club’ lunch at Gourmet Food Parlour Love their restaurants. Great Irish food, always fresh and delicious! Locations in Swords, Dun Laoighaire, Malahide & Santry and soon, Skerries! Fresh food, lovely staff, great coffee and altogether delicious! Next time, I am going or cocktails […]

Women’s Health Guide

Allianz Care, Women’s Health Guide Overall women live longer and tend to be healthier than men. However, women can do more to manage and safeguard their health. In this guide, we explore the main threats to women’s health and identify ways women can live healthier. Female health risks vary depending on the life stage a […]


Astonishing new evidence exposes the adverse effects of materialism in children and adolescents and proves that increased materialism is directly related to a decline in a child’s self-esteem. According to a study completed by Lan Nguyen Chaplin (University of Illinois) and Deborah Roedder John (University of Minnesota) a definite causal relationship exists between self-esteem and […]

Meditation, Three Ways

I hate to admit it, but I haven’t been meditating as much as I did this past fall. The most amazing thing is that I can, without a doubt, tell the difference. I’m more stressed, more irritable, less relaxed and more self-critical. I have also found my ability to focus declines a bit when I […]