The Eddie Flynn series – absolutely unputdownable!!!

If you love a courtroom drama…..a thriller…..a whodunnit……a gripping read from start to finish with twists and turns a plenty, then you will love the Eddie Flynn series of books by Irish author, Steve Cavanagh.

It starts off with ‘The Defence’, a race against time to win a trial and save his life….


Next up, ‘The Plea’ Eddie Flynn has to win a trial to help his wife, also a lawyer, from being jailed for her part in breaking the law. The worst part, she didn’t know what she had done! Its another superb page turner


His next book, ‘The Liar’, Eddie represents his client who has been accused of murdering his own daughter.  He knows his client didn’t do it but that’s the least of his worries as the trail gets underway….


With ‘Thirteen’ Steve Cavanagh just keeps getting better with each book and here, Eddie Flynn, lawyer and former con artist, is back with a trial that turns into a complete nightmare. He knows his client is innocent of the crime he is on trial for but finding the real killer is more difficult than anyone could have thought….there’s a serial killer on the loose and he is meddling in the trial….absolutely gripping!!


I didn’t think he could do a better book than Thirteen and then, he comes out with ‘Fifty Fifty’ and again, its another step up. He gets better and better and better. Tackling real issues, like sexism in the workplace while keeping the books funny, charming and absolutely gripping. I loved this book so much, I read it twice and I know I’ll read it again in a couple of years.


The latest book, called ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ is due for release in August and we were lucky enough to get a preview copy and all I can say is ‘wow’! Eddie Flynn has done it again….this book is set in the deep south with racism at the heart of the story. It is gut wrenching, heart breaking and oh so gripping. I stayed up half the night to finish this book. There is corruption and a whole lot of evil and you’ll find yourself rooting for the accused…..with shades of To Kill A Mockingbird, this is a fantastic read. His best book yet….pre-book your copy now!

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