Less screen time – calmer kids!

I’m holding my hand up and admitting that yes, my children have had too much screen time lately. I am stressed with working from home and all the joys of parenting 4 children, so the temptation to give them screens to ‘keep the occupied’ for a while is strong! However, I have been trying my best to come up with activities and things they can do that will take them outdoors and away from screens. We’ve been doing playdough activities, Lego, baking and we are absolutely loving board game 30 seconds – that is so much fun!!



So if you’re kids are spending a bit too much time online, why not get them some toys that will take them off the screens for a bit. They’ll be calmer and you’ll feel like a much better parent! LOL!!! From colouring, to cooking & baking to building Lego, there are lots of things you can do with the kids to get them off screens!!! Anf they love the joy of eating the cakes & treats after they’ve baked them!




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